*  Superb video quality with 4 Video inputs
*  Multiple H.264 streams per channel
*  30 fps rate in all resolutions
*  Intelligent video capabilities
*  Two-way audio on one channel
*  Supports analog PTZ cameras
*  D38999 MIL-STD Series III Connectors
*  RECORDS full time
R9604 High Performance,
4 Channel C4I Military Video Server
Ruggedized Military Server
*  Internal EMI Filter
*  SMD Footprint
*  Output Overvoltage Protection
*  Output Overcurrent Protection
*  Over Temperature Protection
*  100% Environmental Screening
*  Meets MIL-STD 704E
*  Meets MIL-STD 883 (M1008.2, Part B)
*  Meets MIL-STD 883 (M1010, Part B)
Rockwell Video Solutions
" We Connect the World"
*  4 Separate IP Address' for NIPR/SIPR advanced security
10/100, 1000, GigE Network Interface.
*  Active tampering alarm and audio detection.
*  Two configurable inputs/outputs per channel for connections to external    
devices such as sensors and relays, enabling the system to receive
and respond to various alarms.
*  Open Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration.
*  This System can  RECORD full time and Conditional
Motion Video Selectively.
The Rockwell R9604 is an advanced replacement for the:
Tactronics VID-NET-004 Video Server
Rockwell R9604 Military Video server