Rockwell Video Solutions  
       " We Connect the World"
Rockwell Video transmitters display GigE Vision® video directly on monitors in real
time using HDMI/DVI format implementing a LVDS data Stream
Pro HD Transmitter

Rockwells Pro Transmitter engine is a high-performance video transmitter
that enables high-throughput, ultra-reliable, real-time Gigabit Ethernet
(GigE) connections between TIA/EIA 644 LVDS cameras and PCs, using
GigE Vision®.
It is ideal for performance-oriented applications in the military, medical,
machine vision, and security sectors
Product Features

*  FPGA architecture ensures low, predictable end-to-end latency and jitter
*  Flexible, scalable GigE networking options, including multicast
*  Replaces traditional frame grabbers used for capturing video  data with vision systems
*  Easy to implement and use
*  Built-in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for advanced real-time synchronization
The Rockwell Pro Video Transmitter accepts data from a  LVDS camera, converts it to Internet Protocol (IP)
quickly and efficiently, and sends it up to the cloud. These operations are performed by the engine’s field-
proven, purpose-built hardware with clock-cycle accuracy and very low latency at the full, 1-Gb/s line rate.