Rockwell Video Solutions
     " We Connect the World"
Rockwell Pro HD Video IP engines are based on purpose-built hardware that efficiently converts streaming IP video.
The video receivers auto-sense the display capabilities of the attached monitor and select the most appropriate
video resolution and timing to use to display incoming GigE video feeds.
Pro HD Receiver

Rockwell's high-performance video receivers shrink the size,
cost, and power consumption of real-time viewing stations on
high-performance video networks.

The  Pro HD Video Receivers transfer video data from
Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) network links directly to off-the-shelf
or custom video monitors, eliminating the need for bulky,  
and  costly monitors.

Displays GigE Vision® video directly on monitors in real
time  HDMI/DVI format.

*   High-reliability hardware eliminates the need for PCs  at viewing and processing stations
*   plug-and-play autonomous control of GigE Vision  compatible cameras
*   Low power consumption (3.2 W)
*   Auto-senses monitor display capabilities
*   Low, consistent latency
*   Flexible, scalable GigE networking options, including multicast HDMI Video Connection

        An ideal substitute for PC's at viewing stations in military vehicles.